South Shore Insight Meditation Center 

1130 Washington St. Hanover, MA 02339

ph: 781. 264. 5395

SSIMC is located a few minutes from route 3, off of exit 13, in Hanover MA. Parking is freely available at the location. We are just beyond the Hanover Mall, close to Target, but on the opposite side of the street. Look for our "Mindfulness..." sign close to the road and the "South Shore Insight Meditation Center" sign located directly on the white house-like building, in which we are located.

Please refrain from fragrances and perfumes when attending programs at SSIMC. 

Below is a map for reference with our marked location.


South Shore Insight Meditation Center (SSIMC) is dedicated to teaching, exploring and embodying the Buddha's teachings of wisdom and compassion. As an inclusive and welcoming community, we support the practice of awareness here and now in our daily lives, with respect for the body, heart and mind. The Theravada lineage and the Western Vipassana union of innovative teachings along with yogic practices are the heart and ground of South Shore Insight.

SSIMC was founded the summer of 2013 and we remember the Fourth of July as our anniversary and Interdependence Day.

SSIMC moved into its current location in Hanover Massachusetts during the summer of 2014 after an intensive search for the right space for a fledgling Dhamma Center. SSIMC welcomes all.

Madeline  Klyne

Madeline Klyne

Madeline has loved the Dharma since 1986. She is Co-founder and a Teacher of South Shore Insight. 

Madeline teaches at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center and at Insight Meditation Society. Madeline teaches retreats for LGBTQ communities at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Garrison Institute. She also worked at UMASS Medical Center for Mindfulness, Healthcare and Society teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in MA prisons. 

Madeline delights in exploring practice in daily life with all who are interested. She grew up in Massapequa on Long Island, NY and Rangeley, ME. She currently lives in Jamaica Plain MA.

Madeline and a friend once witnessed a human tooth fall from the sky or perhaps it popped out of the nearby tree and konked the friend on the noggin. The tooth's owner was never identified.

Madeline has a Masters from Stanford University and a BS from Cornell University.

Madeline Wears Witchhazel

Madeline Wears Witchhazel

Paul  cheevers

Paul cheevers

Paul is Co-founder and Teacher of South Shore Insight.

Paul's teaching is focused around the South Shore at SSIMC and through

Paul practiced in Zen and Theravada over the past decades; His two-month retreat, traveling India solo, was a Dhamma refining training experience. He has also trained at Spirit Rock & CIMC. His first experience with formal silent meditation rewinds to the early '80's and a Catholic retreat.

Paul loves the clarity of the Eight Fold path and in sharing its relationship to yoga. He grew up in Brighton MA and lived for years in Manhattan. He has lived on the South Shore for the past couple of decades. He is the author of Mindfuling… DIY: Dhamma It Yourself (2019).

Paul and a friend once found a cat frozen, in mid-step. When they returned to the cat, dragging an adult along, "Come see the cat!", it had mysteriously disappeared.

Paul has a Masters from NYU and a BA from BC.

P aul & the Sign of the times

Paul & the Sign of the times